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In 2018 Replica Patek Price Replica Watches, Nirupesh and Mercy Amalraj, both watchmakers, founded Replica Patek Price Replica Watches Bangalore Watch Company. Their goal was to represent 21st century India with high-quality and exciting watches. Both had been successful in their tech and consulting careers before they started working in watchmaking. Replica Patek Price Replica Watches Nirupesh loves aviation and watches and became frustrated at the lack of watch brands in his country. The MACH 1 collection celebrates the Indian Air Force MiG 21 Type 77. It features multiple design elements that perfectly encapsulates the brand’s ethos. Even the limited MACH 1X (21 Replica Patek Price Replica Watches pieces), has a dial made of aluminium alloy, which was originally used in a MiG 21.Recently, I spoke with Nirupesh to learn more about India's watchmaking heritage, his thoughts on in-house production, including his thoughts on Swiss movements being included in future and current collections. This is a brand to keep an eye on from Bangalore.Replica Patek Price Replica Watches

Nirupesh - This is Patek Philippe Replica Watches the history of Bangalore Watch Company. India has always been a country that values high-quality watches. It is well-Replica Patek Price Replica Watches documented that the Indian Royalty has a penchant for high-quality watches and jewellery from Van Cleef or Cartier. The British occupied India for a period of time saw high consumption. This is evident in the Jaeger LeCoultre Replica Patek Price Replica Watches Reverso story, which was born from a polo match. Nehru, a forward-thinking politician and first prime minister of independent India, introduced industrial reforms in 1950s that were modeled after the Soviet system. HMT (Hindustan Machine Tools), was established in the middle of the 1960s. It was charged Replica Patek Price Replica Watches with creating the country's first wristwatch brand. HMT was able to produce approximately 115 million watches by utilizing technology transfer and training from Citizen Japan.The Bangalore Watch Company MACH 1 proudly represents the modern side Indian watchmaking.India's economic position changed in the 1980s. We opened up our economy to the Replica Patek Price Replica Watches rest of the world, and created the basis for today's fully globalized economy. The import duties on luxury goods that were very high were significantly reduced. Replica Patek Price Replica Watches

HMT is Patek Philippe replica romantic. These watches are affordable, with an average cost of $30 to $50, and they date back to a simpler time. HMT was Replica Patek Price Replica Watches officially closed by the Indian government in 2013. All overstock items can be purchased now. Fastrack and Titan are utility brands. Nearly everyone in India begins with Fastrack and grows quickly into other brands.There is very little Replica Patek Price Replica Watches that will excite you as a young Indian executive. You can't pretend any longer to be excited about a watch that is dedicated to the US space program or flight training school.Bangalore Watch Company has a defined target audience. Our customers are well-read, well-travelled, well educated, business Replica Patek Price Replica Watches owners and executives. They are excited about the idea that they can wear watches made from Indian stories. They also know that the product they are purchasing will last them a lifetime, and not cost them any extra on their next Replica Patek Price Replica Watches international vacation.

We don't Replica Watches see ourselves as competing with Titans or Fastrack.I asked you previously about in-house movements. These are not on your Replica Patek Price Replica Watches near-term agenda. Are there plans to in-house produce components such as dials, cases, hands, and so forth? ?We are always looking for new opportunities. Our partner company in Bangalore produces our hands and dials. They Replica Patek Price Replica Watches are well-known in the hands and indexes industry and supply many well-known Swiss brands. However, cases are not a.Our brand philosophy is built around authenticity. We won't pretend to be good at something we don't know how to do. We will play to our strengths, and find the best partners for any task we Replica Patek Price Replica Watches require. India's wristwatch manufacturing industry is on a new level. India does not have the quality or workmanship to produce high-quality watches such as the ones we are looking for. Although "Made in India", sounds appealing, it is futile in today's ecosystem.Replica Patek Price Replica Watches